Time to Re-Launch Your Personal Development Goals

Research study after research study shows that the annual ritual of New Year's Resolutions has a failure rate of over 80%.

And this is despite one study showing that 52% of New Year's Resolution setters felt confident about achieving their goals at the time of setting them.

And by mid-year, over 50% of all New Year's Resolutions have been dropped.

Unfortunately, most people wait until the start of another new year to set new goals and resolutions.

Why? Because there is no other social protocol inviting them to do otherwise.

This is about to change.

The website Living A Determined Life is launching the Mid-Year Resolution initiative, to create motivation and provide tools for people to kick-start or relaunch their personal development goals halfway through the calendar year.

To help ensure that these Mid-Year Resolutions are more successfully implemented than the tradition New Year's Resolutions, Living A Determined Life has created an easy-to-use 30-60-90 Day Personal Change Action Planning Tool, which can be downloaded free.

Additionally, Living A Determined Life has two free articles to aid people making Mid-Year Resolutions:

Why Personal Change Initiatives Often Fail
Seven Key Success Factors for Implementing Personal Change

Living A Determined Life is the fundamental principle of the Project You personal and professional book series, available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.